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Looking at the three doll house shops, it came down to one

Hello, New York Doll Collectors! In my last two articles, we talked about doll houses. And I must confess, that by doing so I have become most interested in purchasing one, for myself. If anyone of you, is feeling the same way, then I hope you will appreciate what I’m about to share. I want to share with you the process I’m currently going through, in order to make being an owner of a doll house, be a reality, but without a large whole in the pocket!

First, you should know that there are some pretty good doll house stores in the Tri-State area. For example, in Manhattan, we have the Tiny Doll House, in New Jersey we have the Manhattan Dollhouse and in Connecticut we have Whimsies Doll House Shop.

At this moment, I have made the decision of how much house I want, the style, how many rooms, how I would like to purchase a kit to put the house together (with excellent instructions) and how much I’m willing to indulge in terms of a price.

By looking at the three doll house shops, it came down to one, as there were many choices in styles and in prices. In addition, a decision was made to conduct some research by way of purchasing the book “A Beginners' Guide to the Dolls' House Hobby: Revised and Expanded Edition.”

Why this book? To learn tips about choosing a doll house, and to be able to compare it’s beliefs to mine and most importantly, to read what the author wrote about what she highlights as “how not to make a costly mistake.”

In our next article, I will follow up with you about the research done in choosing and purchasing a doll house!

Stay tuned.

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