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Looking at Jesus being sold out for 30 silver in a broader context

Allow me to clarify a few things about myself before I begin to talk about the subject of Jesus being sold out for thirty silver by Judas. I grew up as a Roman Catholic, and I do consider this to be my anchor-the foundation of who I am. I have studied and embraced Zen Buddhism since 1998 and have used meditation to walk down the spiritual path internally. I have never converted to Buddhism and I most likely never will. Meditation is a tool to cultivate one’s experience internally as no other tool or vehicle can do so. Prayer is more external and asks for things while meditation is internal and we do the work on ourselves…that is we save ourselves.

I tell people that I believe in everything and hold onto nothing. Some people get this, sadly most do not. In Zen they talk about being inclusive and not exclusive. This is the principle for breaking through dualism, or bridging the gaps that separate us. Being more accepting is having more compassion, having more compassion helps to soften the thorns of the ego. I embrace those who do not judge others, or try to convince others to believe this or that. It would be nice to see the world get to a point of at least agreeing to disagree. But that is another subject for another time.

I went with a friend last week to see the play “The Thorn” which is a musical about the resurrection of Christ. While I was watching this rather interesting play, a rather deep thought occurred to me…call it divine intervention or what not. I was inspired by that deeper voice within me that is not from my small mind. The thought is Judas took thirty silver to betray Jesus and if this is looked at in broader context money & materialism today represents the thirty silver and the earth is Jesus. What I am saying is we are selling out this planet, destroying it, plundering it, ravaging it for the concept of money.

Just as Christ is the Son of God, the world itself is God. God, or however you wish to perceive the creative force of the Universe, is not separate from the creation of life…the Universe is life itself. We have separated ourselves from our true nature and have walled ourselves off in our ego armor and battle each other, we battle the planet. In the end we are fighting the battles outward that most of us dare not to fight on the inside. It is easier to battle others than to take the fight inside.

Think about how paltry thirty silver is to sell out someone. Think about how we are selling out the world, how we take life for granted; we take everything for granted to have pieces of paper with dead presidents on them. To paraphrase the late great comedian Bill Hicks who said this life is a ride, an illusion. Some people have a lot invested in this ride, this illusion and they will not, or are not able to, or don’t want to look beyond the surface of the paper thin wall of existence.

Whatever you believe is true to you, but it might not be true to others. We all walk the spiritual path called life in many different shapes and forms, most are not aware of the walk, many are but not enough are. Unfortunately it seems those with the most money and power are not aware of how they are selling out the world, destroying it for the illusion of money.

Have we grown that cold, that stiff within our ego armor that we would rather see mankind destroyed than to find other ways to live life? There are alternatives to nuclear energy, to gasoline driven vehicles, to destroying forests, to polluting our water and air. Yet unless we all suddenly wake up to the truth of our existence and find a ways to create a nirvana, yes it can be done, than we continue to insult the gift of life, the gift of the Universe, of God, etc. In the beginning there was just one beginning so no matter what path you view the higher power at it leads back to the truth of the Universe, of God, etc. that cannot be defined.

The Buddha said “Those who have failed to work toward the truth have missed the purpose of living.” This cuts through every argument one can have, every dualistic thought, every attempt to keep you separated from others. We have to make the attempt to cultivate our own enlightenment. You see how the world is now; it is filled with those who are separate from others. It is as if the billions of people in this world live in billions of worlds and not just one. We all live in one world and we are all from the same consciousness, the same grand mind. Breaking down the ego, dualism, slowing down the rambling thoughts is the gateway into the truth of our existence. Maybe in the end there is still hope for us not to sell out the world for a few dollars. But we have to start now. It is time to wake up, and things are changing, things are shifting. Our time is now and we are running out of time.


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