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Looking at Fire Safety based on a Tragic Event

On June 5th 2009 and horrific and tragic even occurred in Hermosillo Mexico. A daycare center, housing 142 infants and toddlers caught fire from a neighboring warehouse and spread to the daycare, killing 49 of them. From the research I have done and my 10-year experience in childcare centers. I have come to find that many things that were supposed to be prevented were not up to code.

fire safety during this tragic event
fire safety during this tragic event
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children lost in the fire
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It was said an inspection was done and had passed but the center only had one exit. As well the school had only high windows that teachers could not reach. Most of the children died of smoke inhalation. As well as the make shift roof which fell on the children. There were no fire extinguishers it was too big of fire. It got out of control too fast. There are some things that happened that day that could have been prevented and there wouldn’t have been so many deaths.

If you are looking for a childcare center one of the things to ask your director is what is the safety plan for the center? Where are the fire exits? Does the center have extinguishers?

1. Each state has fire safety information for childcare centers. Ask your center director what the state requires for each center. Most centers should have a safety license, which means they were inspected and trained in their safety plan.

2. Each center should have an Emergency Evacuation Plan, which is shown somewhere in their daycare facility.

3. Each center should have a working alarm and fire drills should be done according to what each state suggests. It could be once a year, or other states require every month.

4. As well as fire alarms, there should also be smoke detectors in the daycare center as well.

5. Each center should have working fire extinguishers.

Please when looking for daycare centers for your child, look for fire exits and ask about the safety. What happened in Mexico was very tragic, but you just have to research to find the right center.