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Looking ahead to Thursday and Friday shows

Company of Thieves are not black-and-white in person. I promise.
Company of Thieves are not black-and-white in person. I promise.
Greg, the mayor

Spring may not have officially sprung, but the music scene is already jumping. Winter hibernation is over, folks—this weekend's snow forecast notwithstanding—time to get out and see some music. There's a whole lot going on in the next two days, so here's a quick breakdown of the most notable shows. Check back tomorrow for an deeper look at the better bills.

Lincoln Hall

Thursday: Company of Thieves, John Henry & The Engine, Hollus — 9 PM, $14, 18+
If you listen to XRT, you have heard Company of Thieves' single "Oscar Wilde." Or, better yet, you may have caught their energetic live show at a street fest or venue last summer. Either way, they're on their way onwards and upwards.

Friday: The Right Now, VeriKal, Weber Band — 9 PM, $10, 18+
Record release show for the Chicago soul band The Right Now. Stefanie Berecz's huge voice flies at the front of Brendan O'Connell and the rest of the band's tight tunefulness.

Bottom Lounge

Thursday: P.O.S., Dessa, Astronautalis, F.Stokes — 8 PM, $15, 17+
The Every Never Is Now tour comes to Chicago. The main attractions are two Minneapolis emcees, P.O.S. and Dessa. If these two are any indication of what's happening in indie hip-hop, then I need to get my act together and start paying more attention.

Friday: The Appleseed Cast, Dreamend — 8 PM, $15, 17+
Nine years ago The Appleseed Cast released their two seminal albums, Low Level Owl 1 and Low Level Owl 2. This spring they are hitting the road to play both albums back-to-back. "Rocktown" comes to mind.

The Hideout

Thursday: Deathships, Paul Cary, DJ Joel Craig — 8 PM, $8, 21+
This night is MAKE Literary Magazine's release party for Issue 9. I'm going to defer to MAKE now: Contributers Anthony Madrid, Nick Demske, Caryl Pagel and Paul Grens will read. Intuitive energy healer Ryan Fukuda will give complimentary readings. Paul Cary and Death Ships will rock. DJ Joel Craig and Guests will knock your socks.

Friday: Soft Speaker, Cains & Abels, Village — 10 PM, $8, 21+
Soft Speaker is one of those bands that remind me that this gig doesn't even approach being a job. These guys are exciting my eardrums and I don't know if that would have happened if it weren't for writing this article.

The Empty Bottle

Thursday: Deakin, Glitter Bones, Netherfriends — 9:30 PM, $12, 21+
Josh "Deakin" Dibb is one of the four members of Animal Collective. Panda Bear stepped out on his own a few years ago to rave reviews and now Deakin is seeing if he can't follow suit. Find out for yourself at what should be a very dance-friendly show.


Friday: The Shams Band, Derek Nelson & The Musicians, Will Phalen & The Stereo Addicts, Hey Rabbit!
I've written about the two bands getting top billing for this show before. It was for good reason. The Shams Band impressed at the Chicago Bluegrass & Blues Festival and Derek Nelson & The Musicians blew away a crowd of 300+ at Lincoln Hall last month. Check it (and wreck your liver). Also, check out this sweet promotional video for the show.


  • Mike Raspatello 5 years ago

    As proud founder of the CBB Fest, I love me some Shams and Right Now....

  • john smillie (the right now) 5 years ago

    And we love some CBB!

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