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Looking ahead to Metamorphosis


As part of an ongoing series focusing on popular releases that are about to hit the streets, “Looking Ahead” will make sure to bring the best in the most anticipated expansions, supplements, and gaming tools. 

Warmachine and Hordes are two hot miniatures games that have a lot of active players in the area and all over the U.S. Cons and other special events are beginning to feature Privateer Press games in increasing volume, and in March Hordes will receive its second expansion, Metamorphosis
Metamorphosis will probably not change the entire face of the two games the way previous expansions has. Hordes got cavalry and plenty of good units in the last expansion, helping to close the gap with Warmachine. This expansion looks to be addressing the inherent lack of unit choices and varied models that is currently the main limiting factor for Hordes players. 
Where can you get your copy of Metamorphosis? It is set to release on or about March 15, and I know it will be available at several stores within the Nashville area, and online at many stores, such as the Tabletop Armory