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Point your camera to the sky for dramatic images of your favorite city. Creative angles and richly contrasting textured clouds add extra pop to any photograph. Whether strolling the streets of Baltimore with a camera and tripod or just a simple camera phone, shoot from down low and aim upwards.

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Shoot close to sunset or early in the morning just after sunrise. Clouds are constantly changing, shifting in complexity, color and contrast. A dark brooding blanket just before a storm or soft pink cotton candy just before sunset; amazing what water vapor, pressure and variation in temperature can produce.

A favorite spot for sunset shots is the Waterfront Promenade, encircling the Inner Harbor and reaching from Locust Point to Canton. Baltimore's iconic Domino Sugar factory and the Bromo Seltzer Arts Tower make stunning backdrops for any image. Monuments such as the statue of Lafayette in Mount Vernon can be shot in black and white against a background of clouds adding emotion and power to an image.

Thunder clouds, sunset clouds, velutinous white mid-level clouds, are a natural backdrop for a favorite building, monument or cityscape. Track storms safely and watch the skies around the city for photo opportunities. Marvel in the abstract canvas that is a cloud-filled sky and blend it with the best of Charm City.