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Look stylish at summer parties

This Summer's best party looks
Photo by Valerie Macon/Getty Images

As the summer heats up, you make find your list of invites to soirees and parties getting longer. One of the tricky aspects to looking stylish is wearing the right outfit to the right event. One of the easiest ways to do this is to incorporate a tailored look to your summer outfits. Here are some ways you can look fresh and relaxed throughout the season.

Casual cookout-Many times you may feel underdressed at a cookout. Next time you get an invite to one, take your style up a notch by swapping a more tailored look for each piece. For instance, instead of a beat up pair of jeans, choose a denim with some embellishment.

Lakefront looks-Meeting up with friends at the beach? If being scantily clad is not your thing, go for a more grown-up look. Try a tank top and basic shorts to go over your swimsuit. This way, if you are more modest, you can feel more confident.

Summer wedding-If you had your eye on that floral dress this might be the perfect time to buy it. Make sure its not overly short or too low cut. Many women are concerned about being overdressed at weddings (outshining the bride) so opt for a number that won't make you feel awkward.

Outdoor festivals- When it comes to Summer festivals in Chicago, expect warm weather, large crowds and lots of walking. Limited seating may mean that you may find yourself sitting on everything from benches to grass and even on pavement. When dressing for outdoor festivals, go for chic sandals that won't be destroyed by the end of the evening. They may need to stretch microfiber with a comfy heel or with some bounce.

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