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Look out Miami Heat, Harlem Shake Android app trending on Google Play

Harlem Shake Creator Lite on Google Play Store
Harlem Shake Creator Lite on Google Play Store

Taking advantage of the current Harlem Shake viral video craze so adeptly appropriated by the Miami Heat, the "Harlem Shake Creator Lite" app, which allows users to make their own version of the popular video quickly and easily, is a trending app today on Google Play's app store. About 80% of users on the site are giving it a five star rating, which is the highest rating a reviewer can select.

"Harlem Shake Creator Lite", which is a free download, gives you step by step instructions for creating a Harlem Shake video, first showing you how to set up your shot, then giving you the requisite background music and timer so that your dancers know how long to "shake it". If you mess up the first time, don't worry, you can set up a retake right on your smartphone or tablet. Once you have the video you want, you can upload the clip to YouTube, but if you want to download it to your phone, you have to pay $1.00 for the pro version, also highly rated.

Regardless of it's popularity, some users on Google Play are reporting constant crashes before or after recording a video. The developer, who is listed as a Kirill Ivashchenko, seems to be busy working on the problem, releasing an update today that is supposed to address the issue on Samsung devices. The developer is also providing an email address for people to report any problems after installing the fix. A prior update was expected to address the issue on other brands.