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Look Out Hollywood! Here Comes British Heartthrob Tom Conlan

Part Of The New Brit Invasion Tom Conlan
cta 2014

It certainly seems like a good time to be a British actor in Hollywood at the moment. Christian Bale, Tom Hardy, Colin Firth, Daniel Craig, the list of superstars born and raised in the British Isles is becoming bigger and bigger. Not since the 1960's has there been a larger representation of British talent on American soil and, listening to the murmurs around Hollywood, it doesn't look likely to stop in the near future. So who is next to join the illustrious list of British A-Listers? Having been recently tipped as the latest young Brit set to invade Hollywoods 'A list', it seems only fair that I give today’s interviewee the chance to stake his claim. "Wow no, definitely not me. Not yet. I have a lot of work to do first."

Tom Conlan, despite distancing himself from the suggestion, is certainly on the right path. A stellar career as a dancer took him all around Europe and into the West End in London before his acting career started taking off and Hollywood was calling. So why did he move from stage to screen? "It was a decision that I mulled over for a long time. I had to ask myself some tough questions about why I wanted to do this. Was I really passionate or was part of the allure of becoming an actor narcissistic display? I wanted to be sure that there was a lot more to it than that. Because if that was the case then I wouldn't last five minutes and it would be a complete waste of time. It was a question that I had to ask but I convinced myself to go for it. I have a big love for the craft of acting, I would not have taken the leap if I was not hugely passionate about the art form."

There has certainly been a scrap for his signature, with management companies in Hollywood seemingly falling over themselves to represent him. "I'm not sure about that. It was certainly hard work at first, trying to get myself out there. But I am delighted with how it has worked out." The race was finally won by Tim Taylor at Luber Roklin Entertainment, a company with no shortage of star clients who represented the late Paul Walker. "I was delighted, Tim is fantastic and hopefully everything will work out well. There are so many amazing things happening in Hollywood at the moment. It is an exciting time for me".

This is a young man with his feet firmly on the ground, but his startling charisma leaves me reminded of another non American actor, Chris Hemsworth who played Thor. "Chris played a Brit in his last movie 'Rush' but he is actually from Australia. I have been told that quite a lot recently for some reason. it must be the long hair and blond stubble. It is definitely not the body, I need to hit the gym a bit more before I end up looking like Chris". So do you see yourself playing some kind of super hero in the future? "I wouldn't rule anything out. At this stage of my career I just want to work with talented people and continue to learn as much as I can from every job I do. I will see where that takes me". The British Invasion, it seems, is set to continue. With Tom Conlan leading the pack!

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