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Jabot Cosmetics NO MORE

Shop Jabot Cosmetics
Shop Jabot Cosmetics
Tracey Bregman, Jabot Cosmetics, Patricia Denney

STAY TUNED!! Tracey Bregman is working extremely hard to bring a new collection forward. Jabot Cosmetics is NO MORE. HSN website currently has the last of their product on clearance. Concealer is on for $6.00. Stay tuned for Tracey's newest collection!!

Have you ever wondered how all of your favorite actresses continue to have beautiful skin, even after long days under the bright lights on set? Inspired by the Abbott family business, a creative team, dermatologists, the gorgeous Tracey Bregman (aka Lauren Fenmore-Baldwin) and The Young and the Restless' head make up artist, Patricia Denney, have partnered together in order to bring together a collection of skin care and cosmetics, second to none. This line is created using the same secret products the stars of Hollywood use.

Jabot Cosmetics is not just an onscreen business created by the writers of The Young and the Restless anymore. Brought to you by leading industry professionals, the same great products you hear about on the show, are now available for the general population to purchase. Written into the scripts and storylines, the actual Jabot products are used by the actors and actresses of The Young and the Restless, on and off screen.

Jabot Cosmetics has its very own website,, where you can learn about, view and even purchase products used by the stars right from the comfort of your own home. Receive the products at your door, use them and transform into the Red Carpet Beauty we always knew you were.

In their skin care line, there are two collections to choose from. The first is the Overnight Sensation, which includes Instant Success Eye Cream, Dramatic Defense Night Cream, 5-Star Wrinkle Serum and Best Supporting Neck Cream. The second is the Red Carpet Collection, which includes the Picture Perfect Eye Lift, Photo Ready Face Lift and the Crushed Diamond Facial Resurfacer.

The cosmetics line consists of the Camera Ready Color Collection, featuring Lasting Performance Foundation, Never Ending Cream Blush, Take 2 Conceal and Spotlight, Glow Ever After Bronzer and Glamour Lip Gloss. The colors are gorgeous and will make you shine like all of the stars you know and love.

Tracey Bregman is the official face of Jabot Cosmetics. Tracey has a glowing complexion. This woman never ages. Visit and there is a section called, "Get the Look" under Backstage Secrets to see three separate looks on the face of Tracey. Each look comes complete with the list of products used.

Every few months, Jabot Cosmetics will bring to you the latest and greatest products being used by the stars. Why not purchase the first of the collection and see for yourself what it's like to shine? Christmas is coming and what better gift could you give the women in your life than endless beauty products produced by Jabot.