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Look like you traveled to the Caribbean with Mally Believable Bronzer

Look like you traveled to the Caribbean with Mally Believable Bronzer
Look like you traveled to the Caribbean with Mally Believable Bronzer
Tamar Alexia Fleishman, Esq.

In the quest to look like "I went somewhere," (when I didn't travel anywhere) I have tried every tanner/tanning bed/spray known to (wo)man.The other game is when you do travel to the sunnier parts of the world, to look like you've already been there weeks. Some of these "fake and bakes" I've used were shockingly expensive, pretty much a steep utility payment. I've seen how they look on stage, having traveled around the country judging beauty pageants. Those girls like to fake tan!

And you know what? Each and every one of them did look fake and terrible, photographed fake and terrible. I've been saying for decades that the fake sprays not only looked ugly when they veered towards orange, but also, because they didn't have the component colors of a real tan.

What do I mean by that? Let's face it: a tan is a form of a burn on the skin. First you go pink, keep that undertone, then the nut brown color . . . if you are able to tan and not just turn flaming, irritated red. But, let's face it: that's aging and causes cancer! Cancer is not cute.

That's why I was very glad to be hosted to experience Mally Believable Bronzer!

The 3 piece bronzer kit has a lovely presentation in a chic pearlized leatherette case -- that you could easily stash eyeglasses or eyeglasses in. Why three? For the reasons above! Don't use these the same way you would blush. I say, use a light application of the bright matte pink tone and then right over it, sweep the bronzer. In other words, don't use the bronzer in the exact same way you would a contour powder. It's a touch brighter than a contour powder. Then, shape with the gleaming golden tone as a highlighter/glow. Tanned skin is tauter, thus catching the light easier. The highlight recreates that. The whole effect is to mimic a real tan and this does that beautifully!

The bronzer set comes in two shades: lighter and darker.

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