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Look like Jennifer Lawrence? Woman spends $25,000 in plastic surgery

Jennifer Lawrence has fans
Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Ever think about getting plastic surgery to look like Jennifer Lawrence? She is an Academy Award winner who has a wonderful acting career that could span decades. Perhaps that makes some fans jealous, but the majority of the viewers are glad to see the star in as many films possible. For one fan Jennifer Lawrence’s looks are so impressive she is spending hard earned cash to look like the stars. According to Huffington Post on Sunday, a 30-year-old fan named Kitty underwent extensive plastic surgery to look like the star.

The procedure was done at First Surgical Hospital in Houston, Texas. Kitty elected for a six hour procedure and she definitely had a lot of work done. There was a breast augmentation, liposuction to areas of her face and body, rhinoplasty, and fat grafts to plump her cheeks (both front and back.) Costing over $25,000 the plastic surgery has changed the way the woman has looked.

Does Kitty look like Jennifer Lawrence? Not really. She definitely looked different than her old self and close than ever to the actress, but there is no way the two would be mistaken if they were in the same room as Kitty has quite a few more surgeries to look perfect.

More and more fans are paying tribute to their favorite entertainers by going under the knife to look more like then. While it’s strange, it does fuel a whole new area of pop culture. People desperate to look like Justin Bieber, the Human Barbie or another character to get special treatment and live like famous people for a while. What people don’t realize is that they can become famous in their own right and could save a lot of money in the process.

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