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Look good, feel good and create positive change with Delivering Happiness

Delivering Happiness
Delivering Happiness

Delivering Happiness started as a best-selling book, expanded into a global happiness movement, and now has grown to include fashion. Fashion is an immediate way to make a statement and express your style and feelings with everyone around you. With that in mind, the Delivering Happiness fashion line seeks to help people feel good, look good and create positive change worldwide.

The clothing from this line is designed to share good energy, spark conversation and create lasting happiness around the world. The pieces are designed for comfort and include graphics that encourage positive thoughts. The fashion collection is manufactured in Los Angeles, and 100% of the net profits go to fueling the global Delivering Happiness movement. This fashion collection is the perfect way to express yourself and inspire change. Delivering Happiness believes that happier people can create happier communities and companies, and ultimately create a happier world.

Seeing these stylish and positive designs are sure to inspire and put an instant smile on the faces of others. The Mountaineer tee is designed to be a way to say, "Whatever you face, climb up that mountain - you can do it!" The Half Full tee is a great reminder that no matter what is going on, always believe the glass is half full. Instantly put a smile on the faces of others with the Otha Buttah sweatshirt which features a fun smiley face design on the front thumb hole sleeve details. To check out more from this fun and innovative collection, visit

The line includes designs for both men and women. Styles include tops, tshirts, dresses, sweatshirts and leggings. Women's items are sized XS-XL, and men's items are sized S-2XL.

The Delivering Happiness fashion collection is also available at