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Look forward to the suitable bank vacancies

Would you consider working in a bank?
Would you consider working in a bank?

Banking has always remained an evergreen industry with alluring jobs for the graduates. It has continued to lure professionals since decades and the lures associated to the banking jobs make them the prior choices of many. Even for the MBA graduates, it is one of the most preferred career choices that pay well. Most of the MBA graduates secure high paying jobs in foreign banks. They do not just get to walk a great career path ahead, but even benefit with many on the job benefits.

It is generally perceived that a bank vacancy would be suitable for a commerce graduates, but this not entirely true. Some positions may require a commerce graduate, but many operations positions and the ones such as relationship manager or personalized banking officer do not necessarily need to be taken up by a person with a commerce background. Besides, in a bank, many entry-level positions too exist. One can even aim for the enrty-level positions in a bank that pay moderately. These include customer care executive, bank teller, marketing executive, field sales executive, and others. Besides, the ones the positions that demand accounting and maths skills include financial analyst, cashier, accountant, and other who deal with the financial transactions every day.

Further, to review the salaries associated to these banking jobs in India, we can review the average packages offered for some of the common banking positions. To start with, we can consider the position of a relationship manager, who makes more than Rs 3,00,000 annually. The annual salary for a loan officer is Rs 286,811 per year, whereas a financial analyst can annually make more than Rs 3,00,000. With experience and skill enhancement, the salaries associated to these banking positions rise.