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Look for these higher paying accounting jobs

Different profiles in accounting
Different profiles in accounting

You hail from commerce background and are exceptionally good with your analytical skills. Then the job market lying ahead of you surely is lucrative. You can simply get yourself an accounting job where you can best accommodate your analytical and calculative mind. The world of accounting is vast, comprising of basic entry level accounting jobs to those of highest paying profiles. So, why not get yourself a job that brings a satisfying remuneration and assures better future prospects too. All you need to do is to put your efforts and skills in the right direction and look for suitable accounting jobs.

To start with, you will have to settle for an entry-level, not so high paying job. But soon after gaining relevant experience in the field, you can go on to explore the best of opportunities in varied Indian cities. But to apply for these jobs, you should be skilled enough to manage the responsibilities associated with them.

Following are some of the higher paying accountant jobs that you can aim for, after gaining a considerable experience in accounting.

Management accountant

Management accounting helps the management and senior level executives take crucial decisions. The management accountants collect data and prepare reports that are used internally by the higher level managers and other executives. The reports prepared by these professionals are generally kept confidential and are crucial to the company.

Tax accountant

Tax accountants are the professionals equipped with the intricate knowledge of tax liabilities, payments and all the related laws & guidelines. With their knowledge base, they assist the individuals, companies and corporates to manage their taxes. These professionals first analyse the future plans of the clients and then help cutting on the tax liability of a business. While dealing with the all of their clients' problems, they abide by the tax regulations set by the authorities.


Auditors are the people who review and manage a company's financial accounts. They may also work individually where they deal with various clients. Auditors look for accuracy in the financial statements of the company and work keeping in view all the legalities involved. They also analyze the accounting systems followed by the company and try to make amendments in the same as per the requirements.

Cost accountant

Cost accountants are the people who measure the cost to the company, i.e., the fixed and variable expenses occurred in the production. This helps in evaluating the budget and product prices. Presence of a cost accountant is crucial to every company, so as to keep a check on the budgeting and expected profits.

Budget analyst

A budget analyst is the person who looks after allocating the budget to every department for different sets of activities. They are the people who approve the budgets for varied tasks and projects. They also monitor every department's financial needs and accordingly allocate the budget for the upcoming year.

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