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Look cute first thing in the morning while traveling with Mally

Look cute first thing in the morning while traveling with Mally
Look cute first thing in the morning while traveling with Mally
Tamar Alexia Fleishman, Esq.

Let's face it, there's all kinds of traveling. You can have anywhere from long-haul flights to camping, business meetings to, well, rendezvous. Ladies, have you given any thought to how you look first thing in the morning? I've been in a wide variety of travel situations where people see me first thing in the morning.

On one end of the spectrum, there's the pageant circuit, where people have clearly gotten up at 4 am to do the full do. That's a way bit much. I also saw that phenomenon in the last place on earth you'd think you'd see it: during my illustrious days at Air Force Officer Training School, Lackland AFB! We had reveille at 0:500, had to be downstairs, dressed, beds made, shirts cuffed perfectly with everyone else in the company by 05:02. So, there was this chick who came down with perfect French braid and full makeup every morning. I asked her how (and why) she did it. She was staying up most of the night, the reason was to convince her pilot boyfriend to propose and haul her ass out of OTS.

The other end of the spectrum is on a press trips with photojournalists who pretty much roll in how they looked the night before, sans shower. These extremes are too extreme!

Fortunately, there's Mally to the rescue! I was happy to be hosted to experience it.

Mally Lip Magnifier is perfect for traveling and a couple of the shades I tried are even more perfect for first thing in the morning appearances. The shades run from mid-light/bright to deep-dark, even though I think Mally herself is against women wearing dark lip shades. She doesn't like the "liver" look. The products is a jumbo lip crayon meets gloss, so you can dispense with lipsticks, glosses and pencils. Easy-peasy to use. The texture is not too sheer and not too trying-hard opaque. Princess Pink and Goldenstar both have a bit of sheen . . . I like them combined for a nice, light neutral color. For traveling purposes, in future iterations, I hope they become self-sharpening.

Mally has a new domed brush out that would work well for travelers: use it for blush or turned at an angle for contouring. It's short enough to fit in most makeup bags.