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Look and feel fabulous for Earth Day with mineral makeup

With Earth Day around the corner, everyone is asking me for creative tips on how to "green" their lifestyle. Most people know about the amazing benefits of recycling, conserving water and energy, carpooling and being vegetarian, but not enough women know about the benefits of mineral makeup.

Mineral makeup is better for the planet because a little bit goes a long way and then you have to buy less makeup. Our society consumes way too much, so every bit we can cut back is better for the Earth and protecting our natural resources. Mineral makeup is also much better for your skin.

Mineral makeup is made of minerals which are pulverized and sterilized into a powder form. Mineral makeup is free from chemicals that cause inflammation and irritation to the skin and it doesn't contain artificial fragrance, dyes, oils, alcohol or wax. It doesn't matter if you have super-sensitive, oily or dry skin, mineral makeup is great for all skin types.

Here are just some of the benefits to switching to mineral makeup.

* It offers protection from the harmful UV rays of the sun, wind and free radicals.

* You won't get nasty breakouts often cause by non-mineral makeup as it is 100% non-comedogenic

* Bacteria can't grow in mineral makeup which does happen with non-mineral makeup

* Mineral makeup is safe to use on skin with acne.

I love Ferro Cosmetics mineral makeup which has a great product called Blush X3 which you can use as blush, eye shadow, mixed with lip gloss for a beautiful lip color or blend with top coat to make your own nail color. I love a product that you can use in multiple ways. It is eco-chic and you'll save tons of money! They also have released a limited edition gorgeous green eye shadow shade in honor of Earth Day 2012. Ferro Cosmetics is donating $1 from every purchase to the non-profit Environmental Working Group. This beautiful shade is perfect for Spring and will increase your glam factor at night.

Another great mineral makeup line is Larenim Mineral. They have a gorgeous Diamond Girl Glossy Lip Colour made with real diamond powder. Men, take note, this is a cost effective way to ice out your lovely lady! ;) Their foundation is also silky smooth on your skin and super lightweight. They also sell eye shadow minis for just $2 which is a beauty bargain steal.

Make the switch to mineral makeup and your skin will look and feel radiant, plus your body will be free from the toxic chemicals contained in most drug store cosmetic brands.

It is super easy to make everyday Earth Day, especially when it comes to your makeup choices. Angelenos, whether you have a red carpet event to attend or are having dinner with your honey, mineral makeup is the eco-chic beauty choice.


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