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Look Adorable in 2014

Cute Winter Boots
Samantha Feuss

Have a resolution to look cuter in 2014? Check out these adorable boots (that come in kids and adult sizes) from Livie and Luca. The fun and unique designs with modern touches are vintage inspired and easy to match with any outfit. The soft and comfortable shoes are a pleasure to wear as well.

I could not love the Marcha boots more. They fit my calf, which not all boots do, and they are very comfortable and soft. They look cute with jeans, pants, or a skirt. Every time I wear them, I get complimented on them and am asked where I got them. I have work them quite often, and the color makes it easy to match to many outfits. I can wear them to work, out with friends or with my husband, or when I go out to events or meetings. I have enjoyed these, and will likely buy more shoes from this company in the future.

I was completely impressed with the kids Marchita Boots. The Marchita Boots are a perfect match to the adult boot. I really enjoy that any daughter can have boots that match boots in mommy's size as well. These boots are very comfortable for kids. My little buddy is always requesting to wear these boots no matter what else she is wearing. As a total perk, they are completely adorable and they really do look great no matter what she is wearing. She has received a ton of compliments each time that she wears them. The boots are adorable, but they are also made very well. She has worn them a lot and you can hardly tell that they have been worn, which is great when you have little kids. They are as durable on the playground as they are in the classroom or at church.

These are super cute to wear on mother-daughter days as well. Every girl wants to look like her mother, look fantastic together. Look great in 2014- from the toes up!

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