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Loni Anderson, daughter guest on 'The Doctors' to discuss autoimmune disease

Deidra Hoffman, Loni Anderson, Drs. Rachael Ross and Travis Stork visit on "The Doctors."
Deidra Hoffman, Loni Anderson, Drs. Rachael Ross and Travis Stork visit on "The Doctors."
CBS Television Distribution / Peteski Productions--Used with permission

In a "The Doctors" exclusive, actress Loni Anderson and daughter Deidra Hoffman will reveal Deidra’s secret five-year battle with an autoimmune disease, per a May 1 email from the show's PR camp.

Anderson and her daughter visited the Emmy-winning daytime syndicated series and decided to go public at this time to help raise awareness and funds in the search for a cure. The special episode will air today Thursday, May. In Nashville, the show airs at 2 p.m. weekdays on WKRN-TV 2. For other markets, please click here.

Best known to TV viewers for her iconic role in “WKRP in Cincinnati,” Anderson shared with co-hosts Drs. Travis Stork and Rachael Ross that after hearing of her daughter’s diagnosis, she “fell apart.”

“Your kids are always running to you with whatever happened to them and you fix it. I couldn’t fix this,” Anderson said in the May 1 email. “There’s no cause that anyone really knows about and there’s no cure. We thought maybe if we could just help somebody – if we just helped one person today, this would be worth it all.”

Deidra, joined by her daughters McKenzie and Megan in the audience, also discussed with the doctors how her family copes with the illness and how the diagnosis affected her.

“I diagnosed myself years before with just stress and I had lots of symptoms that I ignored,” Hoffman said. “I was busy. I was a mom, I worked full-time. I didn’t have time for everything that was happening to me and the diagnosis stopped me in my tracks.”

To learn what the future holds for Hoffman daughter,as well as learn about a mysterious, paralyzing illness affecting children in California and learn a breakthrough procedure promising to relieve chronic knee pain without surgery, tune in to the show.

  • Video bonus: To see a clip from the show featuring Anderson and Hoffman, please click here.
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