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Longwood Gardens: Summertime old world charm

Summertime old world charm at Longwood Gardens-slide0
Kathy Martin ( Longwood Gardens

Summertime, at Longwood Gardens, aligns bright newness with old world charm. Even the Open Air Theatre is 100 years old this year. Yet, the theatre, fountains and gardens remains fresh and new.

Breathe in open air

So old and yet new, so formal and yet fresh, Longwood Garden’s Open Air Theatre and fountains continue to draw fascination. There is just something about smelling the roses, hearing and seeing the fountains, that seems like summertime. And, this year’s century mark for the Open Air Theatre, only validates the original vision and applauds the ever changing events. What Longwood Gardens has, that makes it work so well for so many, is real old world style. This provides a powerful background to its truly fresh face of flowers, plants and welcomed pollinators, who keep everything blooming perfectly.

Usually, when one is inspired by the artistry of a city or work of art, there’s a desire to flatter by imitating part in a smaller, simpler version. But that was not the case for Pierre S. du Pont, Longwood’s founder. Instead, he chose a larger, grander version of an Italian theatre garden that he admired. The 1914 Open Air Theatre of Longwood Gardens, is a grandiose version of the Siena garden theatre that he visited a year before. His vision with the open air theater, as with his vision of the formal gardens and fountains, are symmetrical perfection. A summertime stroll looks and smells of formal gardens in France, only more spacious. Watch the Italian Water Fountains displays and they equate to some of the finest of Italy, only more accessible. Ah, to sit and smell the roses is a fine summertime treat. Only, along the rose arbors of Longwood, you sit on finely crafted benches, circled by the rose arbors with massive, mature trees beyond. It seems everything at Longwood Gardens follow this same theme. Exceptional century-old vision, executed with the finest craftsmanship, all within an exquisite, ever-changing garden.

The opportunity for old world, summertime charm, at Longwood Gardens, does not require extensive walking. From the visitor center entrance, the Open Air Theatre, Theatre Garden and Rose Arbor areas are just a brief stroll from the door. Of course, you may well be tempted to walk further to the Main Fountain, and all the other grand gardens, each brimming with the newest of the season. Just be sure to breathe in all of the fresh air and inspiration as you are charmed by Longwood Garden’s real old world history.

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