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Longwood Gardens: Summer evening celebrations continue

Longwood Gardens Open Air Theatre Celebration-slide0
Kathy Martin ( Longwood Gardens

The second of three Summer Soirees is Friday, July 18th, as Longwood Gardens continues to celebrate the century mark of its open air theatre. Musical performances and fountain displays will be presented, refreshingly, in the centennial theater area, providing visitors cultural and horticultural inspiration.

Open air extravagance

This year, Longwood Gardens has elected to celebrate throughout the summer in honor of reaching 100 years with its open air theatre. While the first Summer Soiree is past, there are two more opportunities to enjoy unconfined summer air dramatics: Friday, July 18th and August 22nd, beginning at six in the evening. Music, dramatic performances and extravagant displays describe the open air theatre, fountain effects and always the gardens of Longwood. Showy and exceptional, the staged effects of the theatre, fountains and gardens will surely linger on your spirit long after you leave Longwood Gardens’ grounds. Summer heat, often sweltering in the afternoon, shifts down as the sun sets. The cooler temperatures and evening breezes are made deliciously refreshing with the fountains, music and perfumed garden air.

Dramatic displays

Friday, July 18th features musical performances by The Brandywiners, with selections from Annie, and The Savoy Company, who are dedicated to the works of Gilbert and Sullivan. Following these musical performances, the open air theatre features fountain shows treating visitors to their cooling effects and exceptional displays. There are also a diverse range of other entertainment at Longwood Gardens in the Italian Water Garden, Main Fountain Garden and Conservatory area. If you plan your time well, your garden admission ticket can take your sandaled feet through vast displays of flowers, performances and such creativity and artistic presentations both formal and naturally wild. Near to the open air theatre area includes the rose arbor, flower garden walk, and, of course, the theatre garden. If you have ample time to walk prior to the performances, you may want to check out the newly opened Meadow Garden with raised bridge walks and grassy unpaved trails to lookout points, grassy fields and lake. What a wonderful way to enjoy a summer evening or two. Summertime, especially in July, the evenings can be brilliant.

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