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Longmont woman continues annual tradition for Halloween

Golf statues get dressed up for Halloween
Golf statues get dressed up for Halloween
©LongmontExaminer/Brigette Rodriguez

He's just a Cinderella boy...or is he a Renaissance man? Whatever he is, he and his female golfing statue partner were again "punked" this year for Halloween.

Golf statues get dressed up for Halloween
©LongmontExaminer/Brigette Rodriguez

Residents driving by this Halloween morning were thrilled to see homeowner Joy Kotula doing her annual costuming of the bronze male and female golf statues at the entrance to the Spring Valley subdivision in Longmont. Each year passers-by enjoy seeing what the golfers "choose" to be costumed as and it's become an annual Halloween tradition.

According to Joy, she's been doing this for ten years and although she recently moved from the subdivision, it's something she still enjoys doing for her friends, neighbors, and those driving by. This year, with the assistance of costumes from Halloween Express, she attired the female golfer as a wicked Queen of Broken Hearts and her male golfing partner as a Renaissance Man.

Joy said that only twice has someone tampered with them. One year they were silly stringed and another year someone stole Jack Skellington's costumed head. Joy often will place a sign alerting observers that it's all in the spirit of the holiday and to let them be.

Oh yes...this is Halloween...Halloween our town, thanks to know it's Halloween!


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