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'Longmire' shocker: A&E plucks show from lineup when millions tune in each week

'Longmire' canceled: A&E shocker as this primetime show averages almost 5 million viewers.
A&E Longmire

A&E has made a shocking move with canceling “Longmire,” which is one of the most popular shows the network has ever aired. Without any fanfare, a simple cancellation notice was all that was presented to the media, which is surprising for a show that consistently pulls in millions of viewers, suggests Cinema Blend on Aug. 28.

It deserved much more of a send-off in words rather than this will be their last season. The show’s ratings are excellent with an average of 4.6 million viewers per episode. 'Longmire,' which ran for three seasons, has at least another three, if not more seasons, left for mileage. MSN News is also reporting the cancellation of the show as a shocker to the fans and anyone who keeps an eye on the prime time ratings. The show had so much more to offer in future episodes!

The show, which is a mystery and a dang good one at that, is one of those venues that sucks you in and won’t let you get up for a break until a commercial airs. Speculation as to why A&E has up and canceled “Longmire” is running rampant, but those in the business believe the network wants to go with creations of their own, which will give them a bigger piece of a pie in revenue.

'Longmire' is a show that will definitely draw some interest, so it is fair to say some other network will pick “Longmire” up if the price is right. It already comes with a fan base of just under five million. Season three ended with a cliff hanger as one of the main characters “possibly being straight up and murdered,” sites Cinema Blend.

“Longmire” is the “highest rated scripted show” on A&E. “Duck Dynasty” is not scripted, which is one of the biggest reality shows out of all the networks, but it happens to be A&E’s baby. There is not a fan of “Longmire” who saw this coming, it was actually thought of as a given that this show would be around for a long time.

Hopefully another network will bite and “Longmire” will continue on another channel.

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