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'Longmire' Season 3 premiere, did Branch have vision of native 'White Warrior?'

Longmire” (A&E) can be seen each Monday evening at 10/9 p.m. Last night's episode on June 2, 2014 was called, “The White Warrior.” The overnight TV ratings are not yet available for this episode. This is the beginning of the third TV season. It is set in Absaroka Wyoming, but filmed in the state of New Mexico.

Walt Longmire
A&E Television

Longmire” stars, Robert Taylor (Walt Longmire), Katee Sackhoff (Victoria “Vic” Moretti), Lou Diamond Phillips (Henry Standing Bear), Bailey Chase (Branch Connally), Cassidy Freeman (Cady Longmire) & Adam Bartley (The Ferg).

The White Warrior” opened with a small tribal clinic where the only one doctor works on the reservation. An eagle feather blows in the wind as a male sees Walt racing toward the clinic. The doctor is not there as an old gurney is rolled toward Walt's suburban truck. In flashback, Walt had to sew up the bullet wounds from Branch's stomach to stop the bleeding. He was shot near a sacred Indian burial site while investigating the hit & run accident of Cady Longmire. She is Walt's daughter.

Mathias who is a tribal cop, transports Henry Standing Bear off the reservation to the county jail. Henry waved all his rights. He wants to make sure Walt is not suspected of killing the man who murdered his wife in Denver. Walt said he will try to get Henry the best lawyer & he tells Vic that his wife was murdered. Plus, Henry was arrested for killing the man who murdered her.

Branch went into emergency surgery & the doctor found a black crow feather inside Branch's stomach wound. Someone placed it there & the doctor said the bullet went straight through without hitting any organs. Branch claims that David Ridges shot him who had committed suicide days before. David was dressed in white/gray paint & singing an Indian song. Branch said that he collected ashes that don't belong to David.

Walt asks the doctor to look for any other kind of medication that is in Branch's body system. Branch might be hallucinating. Walt visits Jacob Nighthorse who calls the painted Indian the “White Warrior.” He also claims that Branch had a spirit vision of David who is dead. Jacob said he witnessed David's body burn to ashes after the suicide.

The sacred burial site is now a crime scene & Walt is determined to find out what is going on with Branch. Him & Ferg find the plastic bag Branch collected that is filled with ashes. Officer Mathias takes the evidence & throws them off the reservation.

Was Branch shot by the spirit of David Ridges? Or was it a “white warrior” whose spirit walks among the burial site? Why was peyote found in Branch's system? You can watch the full episode of “The White Warrior” at the official website of “Longmire.”

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