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Longing for beauty pageants, Honey Boo Boo charms Katie Couric with fashion tips

Katie Couric has been bashed for her attempt to turn her daytime talk show into a combination of hard-hitting news and gushy girl gossip. Now that the gig is scheduled to end in June 2014, Katie is focusing on the latter. And her Feb. 21 episode featuring Mama June, Honey Boo Boo and a flurry of fashion frivolities epitomized the shift.

Showing photos of her commitment ceremony, Mama June and Honey Boo Boo dished on their fabulous fashion finds with Katie. Honey Boo Boo nodded vigorously at the suggestion that Katie might consider emulating Mama June's captivating combination of camouflage and curtain material for her own upcoming wedding.

Recounting the tale of how Honey Boo Boo became a "breakout star" after "Toddlers and Tiaras," Katie showed a photo of Honey Boo Boo in her beauty pageant finest. She asked if the eight-year-old missed her life wearing multiple layers of frilly petticoats and make-up.

"Yes!" said Honey Boo Boo longingly.

However, Mama June made it clear that those days are over for her daughter. The family is focusing on their reality TV show, "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo." In a comment that eerily echoed Kate Gosselin defending her decision to allow TV crews into her family of eight's household, Mama June described the crew as "just like family."

In place of beauty pageants, Honey Boo Boo has become interested in a cheerleader career. Perkily beaming with joy, Katie immediately recalled her own successes of a cheerleader.

Katie and Honey Boo Boo also discussed the merits of blond hair. Honey Boo Boo modeled her own longer, blonder locks for Katie with moves befitting a supermodel.

What do you think: Will Katie Couric "redneckognize" the fashionable fashions recommended by Honey Boo Boo and Mama June and request a wedding gown to match? Tip to Katie: You might consider investing in a guide to help plan the entire event with their guidance with "How to Honey Boo Boo: The Complete Guide on How to Redneckognize the Honey Boo Boo in You" (click for details).

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