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Longing by Karen Kingsbury Kingsbury: The Quotes I Loved

Longing by Karen Kingsbury Book Cover
Karen Kingsbury

The book Longing by Karen Kingsbury is the third in a series titled The Bailey Flannigan Series. This book has really changed the way I perceive things in my life and I liked how the book brought a different perspective of the events that were happening throughout the novel. There are a number of quotes that have spoken to me while reading this novel. The page numbers for these quotes have been taken from the Kindle edition of the book.

  1. “Let’s pray. Because that’s when we’re strongest … when we’re laid bare before Him, no hope but the hope we have in Him.” (Kingsbury,pg.55)
  2. “But we’re nothing without You, God" (Kingsbury,pg.56)
  3. "Okay, God. I need You. I’m angry, I am. I don’t want to be nice to him. Help me, Lord … give me the control of Your Holy Spirit. And in the still of the night she heard His response. I am with you, daughter. Be honest … be kind." (Kingsbury,pg.71)
  4. “Life only comes at us one day at a time. That’s where we need to let God meet us.”(Kingsbury,pg.84)
  5. "Do not fear … remember, perfect love drives out fear." (Kingsbury,pg.108)
  6. “Listen to the Lord, honey. Don’t worry about tomorrow. God will make it all clear.” (Kingsbury,pg.113)
  7. “When we long for the right things, we find a different sort of love. The kind of love that will never let go of us, never let us down. Never walk away or disown us. A love that knows us and our flaws but stays anyway.” He paused. “For us … to long for God is to long for a perfect love.” (Kingsbury,pg.145)
  8. "God’s still in control. Just like He was two thousand years ago.” (Kingsbury,pg.148)
  9. "Do not be anxious about anything, daughter … my peace I give you." (Kingsbury,pg.173)
  10. “That’s what it’s all about. Living for God. Believing His Word. Looking for miracles.”(Kingsbury,pg.182)
  11. “Love always involves fear. There are no guarantees about tomorrow for any of us." (Kingsbury,pg.202)
  12. “What does the Bible say about love? Perfect love?” “It casts out fear.” (Kingsbury,pg.203)
  13. "Let God be the Author." (Kingsbury,pg.319)
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