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Longest execution: Execution controversy after Ohio's longest execution

Dennis McGuire, executed in Ohio

The longest execution controversy continues in Ohio after Dennis McGuire was put to death last week. His execution was the longest execution since Ohio reinstated capital punishment 15 years ago. Before finally dying, he reportedly gasped and snorted for some 26 minutes after the chemicals began flowing into his body, says a report from the Huffington Post on Saturday.

Ohio Execution of Dennis McGuire: New drug mixture used

The latest Ohio execution raises serious questions about a state’s ability to administer executions in a way that satisfies the constitution.

McGuire’s child, who is an adult also named Dennis, equated the Ohio execution to torture. He said, “Nobody deserves to go through that.” However, it is unclear as to whether McGuire actually felt any pain. Reportedly, McGuire fell unconscious and then had obstructed breathing.

Basically, Ohio has a mixed-drug method of execution which works, but which has been called a method that looks ugly. A death penalty expert, Doug Berman who is a law professor of Ohio State University, said that the process looked ugly, but we don’t actually know for sure if it was ugly.

Reportedly, European companies have stopped supplying certain execution drugs because of opposition to the death penalty abroad. The difficulty in states switching to new drugs for execution, however, is that there are challenges from defense attorneys when changes are attempted.

Due to the alleged difficult execution in Ohio last week, it is going to be more difficult for states to defend new methods of drugging death-sentenced convicts to death.

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