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Longer skirts for Spring

Kenzo Spring 2010
Kenzo Spring 2010
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Looks like our days of buttocks-grazing mini skirts are past us... (at least for now -mini's will never die! we love them legs too much!)  For this coming spring, longer skirts and maxi dresses will be grazing the stores and the streets. 

A new silhouette is always refreshing and in this case, less is more when it comes to baring skin!  Even though you're covering more up, these longer skirts are still sexy and feminine, adding curves and movement, while removing the glaring spotlight that miniskirts place on our thighs.

Since most of us aren't leggy runway models teetering at 6 feet, what's the key to wearing long skirts and dresses without getting swallowed up in the fabric? 

  • Lengthen your legs with high waisted skirts and low-ankle shoes, adding some heels for that extra umph!

  • Gravitating towards solids and monochrome prints also help to created a streamlined outfit that doesn't make you look like a bag lady. 

  • Look for skirts and dresses with draping and layers that tease the eye. 

  • Skirts with a bit of flare or an A-line cut tend to flatter most figures. 

While we could comfortably wear miniskirts year-run here in Southern California, let's embrace this more modest look! There's something about feeling the swish of fabric against our ankles that is completely feminine and sensual.


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