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Long-term sexual partners know when you ‘fake it,’ study shows

No need to 'fake it,' your partner can tell if you are sexually satisfied.
No need to 'fake it,' your partner can tell if you are sexually satisfied.

Researchers in the Department of Psychology from the University of Waterloo say there is no reason to ‘fake’ your orgasms. Your partner will know if you are sexually satisfied with the ability to recognize your emotions along with mutual communication. The study, published in the journal of Archives of Sexual Behavior, found individuals were able to accurately recognize sexual satisfaction or non-satisfaction with their partners, according to a press release on April 10.

The findings were part of a larger study on sexual functioning and satisfaction. The researchers separated 84 couples and asked them to report their levels of commitment, relationship satisfaction, sexual satisfaction and sexual communication. The researchers then measured the couples’ emotional recognition abilities to include in the findings. They found the partners knew each other's sexual behaviors better than they thought.

Communication in relationships is not limited to verbal cues and discussion, it also includes body language. Body language is the non-verbal messages given from the person by how that person moves, the voice tones and the facial expressions. This body language allows personal feelings to surface through their facial expressions such as smiles, frowns and frustrated ‘looks.’

Couples in long-term relationships learn to recognize these personal feelings in their partners from certain emotions in their facial expressions and body movement even if the verbal communication is lacking. Therefore, they can tell if their partners are sexually satisfied not only by talking about it, but also from the body language communication.

Communication and infidelity are the most common reasons couples seek relationship counseling before contemplating a separation or divorce. Other reasons include an emotional distance between the partners and not being able to effectively resolve issues in the relationship.

Infidelity can result from numerous reasons but research found that men identified a lack of communication and a sexual misunderstanding (sexual incompatibility) more often than women. Thus, it is important for long-term couples to be completely honest with each other so the need to ‘fake it’ is not needed.

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