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Long Story Short breaks into the music scene with "What A Scene"

"What a Scene" - Long Story Short
"What a Scene" - Long Story Short
Daniel Luka

I’m always excited to bring you new music from Austin and beyond. I would like to introduce to you duo, Long Story Short. The band asked my opinion of their debut album, “What A Scene”, to drop December 21st, to which I gladly agreed. Long Story Short is Daniel Luka (lead vocals and guitars) and Nicky James (backing vocals, guitar, and piano). What can you expect from “What A Scene”? Pure honesty; “We made a promise to ourselves to not put anything on the album we didn’t feel 100%, like FEEL” says Luka. Every word of that statement is felt through the entire album from the first note to the last. Long Story Short will take you on a journey with this ten piece album. Let’s take a look at an overview of “What A Scene”.

• “What A Scene” opens with the edgy, power pop track, “Fall Awake”. The lead in for his track tells you something big is coming, not just in the song, but throughout the whole album. Luka delivers great, power rock vocals that embody the song’s message with a catchy chorus and well crafted lyrics, getting “What A Scene” off to a great start.
• The album moves onto “Caved In” which displays another strong delivery of a very listener accessible song with its memorable lyrics and catchy riffs.
• The third track on the album “Summer Nights” is one of the best examples of the co-writing between Luka and James, and how they feed off of each other. James wrote the verses of this song talking about letting something good slip through your hands, and the regret that follows.
• Next is the edgier “The Truth Hurts”. This track has quickly become a personal favorite. “The Truth Hurts” exhibits strong radio and TV spot potential. This song brings you in, takes your attention, and doesn’t let go with the reality of the emotion this song produces through its hard honesty.
• Moving on to the halfway point of the album, “Running from the Sun”. This is yet another very listener accessible track with great hooks and a well told story spoken through the lyrics.
• “What Mattered Most” starts off with a beautiful piano intro and builds up into a brilliant piece of craftsmanship held together by real emotion poured out through the lyrics.
• The seventh track of the album “Forever” is a beautiful lyrical painting of a perfect love, again very well delivered vocally by Luka and topped with fantastic riffs.
• The title track of the album, “What A Scene” is one of the best mixes of vocals and instrumentation on the album. This track will take you deep inside the soul and make you listen to every word. Very well done.
• “Someone” This is a very relatable song for anyone because we all have that one special someone that matters the most. This song sets itself apart with the lyrics, “all my strength comes from my weakness for you” among many other factors.
• The album closer, “Eternal Smile” is another heart wrencher because of the picture that the lyrics paint. This song is a great follow up to “Someone”. It is a very perfect choice of closer, as it complements the album’s strong opening.

Still not convinced about “What A Scene? Long Story Short has gotten themselves attention from the popular music publication, Alternative Addiction with “What A Scene”, being voted the #1 Unsigned band with single, "Caved In". Keep up Long Story Short news and updates on facebook, twitter, and the band's official site.


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