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Long Overdue

Well congratulations to Pete Carroll and the Seattle Seahawks for doing the unthinkable. Not only winning the big game, but completely dismantling the Denver Broncos. Pete Carroll, love him or hate him, has put together a team built in his own image. You have a bunch of guys who no one really wanted. Much like Pete himself who was fired by the Jets and the Patriots before heading back to school, at USC where his exit from there was less than celebrated also. This team is comprised of late round draft picks like Super Bowl MVP Malcolm Smith, Richard Sherman, twenty two undrafted players and a quarterback that many considered too short to succeed in this league of giants.

And let us not forget about Marshawn Lynch, who was written off by the Buffalo Bills as being more trouble than he was worth. This win definitely puts Seattle on the map as a city and a region with great sports fans who really love their teams and have no problem traveling to show their support. The Super Bowl might as well have been at the Clink, rather than at Met Life Stadium the way that the 12th. man was rocking that stadium. But the timing of this win could not be better. With David Stern, who was clearly not a fan of the City of Seattle, and with good reason...he was not treated very kindly the last time he visited the Emerald City...stepping down as NBA commissioner over the weekend, now seems like as good a time as any to talk about getting another basketball team around here.

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