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Long lean and mean: Guide to beautiful eyelashes

Fabulous eyelashes
Fabulous eyelashes

You probably heard it many times "if eyes are the windows to the soul, then the eyelashes are the curtains". Long, luscious and sexy "curtains" are certainly in demand since nothing gives our eyes more depth, naturally enhancing their beauty. But before you spice things up with glamorous styles at Northpark's  shu uemura Tokyo Lash Ba, take a good care of your eyelashes making them healthy and strong. 

  1. Make sure you completely remove mascara from eyelashes every night. You can substitute makeup remover with petroleum jelly or baby oil. Dab gently, eyelashes are very delicate and scrubbed too hard may get damaged and fall out. 
  2. Use a good treatment like RevitaLash Eyelash Conditioner (profit from the special offer right now and safe 48%). The product lasts for months and after just few weeks you will notice longer, thicker and darker eyelashes, guaranteed. 
  3. Do try Longcils Boncza cake mascara! It is made of natural ingredients, the lengthening formula of beeswax and rosewater is very gentle and the effect dramatic. Doesn't clump or flake and never irritates your eyes. If that doesn't sound good maybe the fact that Marilyn Monroe once used it will interest you. Just use a regular mascara's applicator since the brush included in the package is not very helpful. 
  4. Throw away your mascara every six weeks. After several weeks bacteria is probably growing in the makeup tube. Don't store it at above 85 degrees or leave it in your car for too long. The heat encourages bacteria to grow. 

Now finally,we are ready to flap our fabulous eyelashes.