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Long layoffs don't bother Peterson

Peterson is victorious in last hometown fight
Peterson is victorious in last hometown fight
Al Bello/Getty Images

Some fans think that a fighter that holds a world championship belt would fight more regularly than 8 months between fights. That is the case with IBF world champion Lamont Peterson. His last fight was in May of 2013 and his next fight is on January 25 at the DC Armory to be shown live on Showtime Boxing. It will be Peterson’s 3rd fight in his last 4 that will be fought in his home town of Washington, DC.

According to Peterson, the layoff means, “Mentally I have to be strong and I can’t stay out of the gym too long and I have been in the gym all along. I don’t expect my timing to be off. I expect to be sharp….sharper than ever. I am focusing and I have been training hard and I’m ready”. This long layoff was not by design. “I could have fought in September on the Mayweather card but I had a slight injury to my wrist so I could not take that fight so there goes the big layoff”, recalls Peterson.

His opponent on the 25th is Dierry Jean, the IBF mandatory challenger to Peterson’s belt. Jean is from Canada, by way of Haiti. Jean is not a house hold name in the sport but Peterson has watched him on tape and says, “I do watch film on the person that I am fighting. I try to pick up on things that they do well and try to counter act those things and I look at the things they don’t do well and try to force their hand to the things they don’t do well.”

Trainer Barry Hunter can understand why the long layoffs don’t affect Lamont like they might affect other fighters. “Timing is always an issue, but we train so hard and spar so hard, I don’t expect any timing issues in this fight. I don’t look for a lot of ring rust. The road that Lamont took in this sport to travel a long way without a promoter other than Head Bangers riding on his side, so I attribute his layoffs to the affect that he did not have a major promoter early on so he is used to some layoffs along the way”. Hunter expects Jean to be a hungry fighter. “He is a good little fighter. He is not great in one thing but he is good in a lot of areas. He is kind of hungry. This is his first big shot. You got one fighter that wants to keep the title and one fighter that wants to take the title. This makes for an interesting fight.” Please subscribe and keep up with the fights involving fighters from the DMV area.