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Long July 4th at city beaches

4th night comes alive. Finale red, white, and blue starts to blow big in night sky at Ocean Beach.
4th night comes alive. Finale red, white, and blue starts to blow big in night sky at Ocean Beach.
Adam Benjamin

The real work gets done on the 4th of July. Pyrotechnics experts, at Ocean Beach pier, rolled out the hot and cool colored fireworks, yesterday, after a long day lining up happy stars of light for the holiday show.

Lady in red, white, and blue rides down Mission Beach boardwalk afternoon.
Adam Benjamin

Setting up the launch equipment using the big truck parked at the pier end blocked off the pier end, and the south and north pier. Fireworks fans spent the day on the beach sands, and park grasses, not looking for anything but sun, and a cool breeze off the water, during the sunny hours before the night dark fell at 9 pm. Midday, patriotic locals at Ocean Beach had already spread their blankets up and down the south, and north, beaches. There was little sand to offer late afternoon arrivals.

Lifeguards stood at their tower posts staring out through the burning sun into the waves filled with families and children. Not taking their eyes off the crowded beach front sands. Thousands kept the fun firendly, and their bodies safe, under the lifeguard watch.

The July 4th celebrators count at Mission Beach was not as big for a beach that size. No flockers to the beach got left out. But, thousands took their spots on the long beach shores, and in Mission Bay Park, just to celebrate together, or, wait, with the locals on the beach blocks, for the fireworks to start at night at Ocean Beach, and, out above Sea World.

Off the boardwalk, and sidewalk, packed crowds left little room to walk.

Ice cream and 4th colored ice cones sold hot at the boardwalk. The waters near the water line stayed crowded all day. Making it easy to go out no farther than half-way.

Standing, on the beach, stayed popular. A little free, and proud, talking. Try a volleyball dig. Or, a hand at over the line. Maybe a turn around jumper on the south beach basketball court.

Those who spent the minutes with their head high above the sea level could see red, white, and blue all along the shore.

Late afternoon, at Ocean Beach, the lasting crowd kept the happenigns in the sun alive. The pyrotechnics workers stayed hard at work above the pier sea waves. Who i to slow down while swimmers and fishermen still breath the salty air.

The low warning shot came off the north pier at 9 pm. Then came the red, white, and blue. Full blasts in black smoky sky. A colorful opening for a big light tripping show. Fresh air stars and flying rings. Sparkles popped for 15 minutes. The fantastic night dream ended in a tide of glitter. The sky going good wish white, before the beach crowd parted ways.

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