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Long Island Schools Guide: Sylvan Avenue Elementary School - First PTA Blood Drive


Roll up your sleeves today and donate blood.  ZF Photography

On Tuesday, June 15th, the Sylvan Avenue PTA is holding it's first annual blood drive through Long Island Blood Services.  The blood drive is from 3:30pm - 8:00pm in the Sylvan Avenue Elementary School's Band Room.

A blizzard over the winter rescheduled the event to today.  But, when they do the blood drive does not matter, because there is always a need for blood in New York State.  Our state is one of the very few that has to import blood from other places because New Yorkers do not donate enough.  How sad.

Eligibility criteria -

* ID with signature or photo.

* Minimum weight of 110 lbs.

* Ages 16-75.  Age 75 and older need doctor's note and 16 year olds need parental permission.

* Eat well - low fat diet and drink fluids.

* No tattoos in the past 12 months

When you give blood you give another chance at life.

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