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Long Island Schools Guide: Bayport-Blue Point - Go home early drill


Make a plan to pick up the kids early on Friday.  ZF Photography

What better way to start off the long Memorial Day Weekend, then with a "Go Home Early" drill.  This Examiner does not remember such things when I went to school.

The "Go Home Early" drill is part of the New York State Emergency Preparedness Law that requires school districts to prepare children if there is an emergency dismissal.  It is part of the Commissioner's Regulation Section 155.13.

On Friday, May 28 in the Bayport-Blue Point School District, please make arrangements to pick up your children at the earlier times -

* High School - 2:11 pm

* Junior High - 2:24 pm

* Elementary Schools - 3:05 pm

Please call your principal if you have any questions about this drill.

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