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Long Island school board votes in favor for female homecoming king

Faith Shepherd, a Long Island teen was approved as homecoming king.
Faith Shepherd, a Long Island teen was approved as homecoming king.
Eyewitness News Screenshot

A Long Island school board has voted in favor to allow a female student to reign as homecoming king, which redefines gender roles in what has become a controversial issue according to an Eyewitness News report on Tuesday.

Faith Shepherd is a student at the Central Islip High School in Suffolk County on Long Island where the teen was elected homecoming king. On Monday night the school board voted on a proposition to permit only boys and girls to run for the traditional title roles of homecoming king and homecoming queen. Despite opposition from a few parents, and four board members that abstained from the vote, the school board sided with Shepherd and the many that rallied behind her, which allows the female student to reign as homecoming king.

In Central Islip I was taught to help those in need and accept diversity and speak out about injustice and discrimination.

According to the local Long Island ABC report, Faith Shepherd earned her spot as homecoming king in what was considered to be a “landslide election” that backs the LGBT community, and is a small way to protect students against bullying, a fact reiterated by one of the supportive parents.

Our students are doing exactly what we teach them. Respect and tolerance.

However, not every parent present at the school board vote supported a female student as homecoming king or a male as queen. One father stated his son came home confused and another blasted the decision as having gone to far.

Let's face it. It's going too far, to the morals of the community, to the morals of the world, when you elect a woman to be a homecoming king.

The overwhelming support behind Faith Shepherd proved respect and tolerance for all dominates over traditional gender roles. What are your thoughts? Should a female student be allowed to run for homecoming king as in the case of the Long Island teen, or did the school board’s vote go too far? Feel free to comment below.

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