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Long Island nursing home hires strippers: Son sues after mom bumped and grinded

Chippendale strippers bumping and grinding elderly women in a Long Island nursing home has brought about a lawsuit by one of the residents' adult children. After the son of 85-year-old Bernice Youngblood saw a picture of his mother stuffing dollar bills into a man’s scanty underwear, he became enraged. That money was supposed to be locked up for her to use, which didn't include G-string stuffing, according to the New York Post on April 8.

Long Island nursing home sued for providing male strippers for their patients. Son of one of the patients files lawsuit after finding picture of his mother with an almost naked man hovering as she stuffs $1 bills in his g-string.
YouTube screen shot

He also didn’t like his mother being the stationary object in her bed as the young man with six pack abs bumped and grinded his way into those dollar bills. The East Neck Nursing Home in West Babylon held these events for their residents every so often.

While the picture shows Bernice Youngblood participating along with others, this picture gave her son the basis for the lawsuit. The lawsuit states it was his mother who is the plaintiff. The court document included:

“Plaintiff Bernice Youngblood was placed in apprehension of imminent, offensive, physical harm, as she was confused and bewildered as to why a muscular, almost nude man, was approaching her and placing his body and limbs, over [her].”

The picture above shows one of the staff at the nursing home adding to the male stripper’s take from the evening. She is also supplying some money for his G-string.

Youngblood’s son said when he saw the picture at the nursing home he complained to the staff, but they ignored him. He had the picture in his hand while complaining and he claims a staff person tried to grab it away from him.

The lawsuit also claims that a staff person told Youngblood’s son that the strippers were an entertainment event and it was done in “good faith” for the folks who were living in the nursing home. The documents say that Youngblood’s son was “blown-off” by staff when he asked why his mother was seen holding dollar bills in the picture when her money is supposed to be under lock and key.

The lawsuit sums it up by saying that the strippers were there “all for the perverse pleasure and enjoyment of the defendant’s staff.” It also argues that Bernice Youngblood “lacks the mental and physical capacity to protect herself.” It is not known how the other residents feel about this. It appears that Youngblood's son is the only one offering up complaints to the media at this time.

Youngblood was interviewed about this incident and the clip was shown on "Fox and Friends" live Wednesday. She was visibly upset over the incident, as were her family members. Check out the video above.

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