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‘Long Island Medium’ Theresa Caputo heading for divorce? Her father reveals all

Theresa Caputo's dad talks about his daughter's life
Theresa Caputo's dad talks about his daughter's life
Theresa Caputo/Facebook

The "Long Island Medium," Theresa Caputo, has been under the microscope and fans who love her show completely understand why. The woman talks about issues that other people can’t understand or see as being a medium is a special field that has plenty of skeptics. While the reality star has not allowed the critics to get her down, it appears that her father is feeling bad about the entire situation. According to Radar Online on Thursday, Theresa Caputo’s father Nicholas J. Brigandi is opening up about his daughter’s issues, including her alleged troubled marriage.

While the rumor mills have been excessive about the relationship of the TLC star, it’s obvious that her father is in her corner. Sticking up for his daughter, Nicholas blames all the rumors about marriage, life and other issues on people who are jealous. And his reasoning of why so many inaccurate stories surrounding his daughter sounds quite logical!

Apparently, Theresa Caputo isn’t heading to divorce court just yet. The situation between her husband and herself is challenging, but as everyone knows marriage isn’t a piece of cake. The couple have worked through their issues and they are in a good place. According to Nicholas J. Brigandi his daughter’s relationship is “doing just fine.” Since he would know more than any other fan, it is a good idea to take his word for it.

The life of a reality star can’t be easy, but having a family member commenting on the status of your relationships, well that’s got to be even more difficult to handle. Hopefully Theresa Caputo will have a chance to sit down with her dad and explain that she doesn’t need to have more scrutiny in her life when he talks about her in the press. Either way it’s nice to see that the family is sticking together and that Theresa’s dad has got her back!