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‘Long Island Medium’: Theresa Caputo accused of fraud

Long Island
Long Island
Photo courtesy of Phil Kates/Wikipedia Commons, used with permission.

Theresa Caputo continues to face new accusations of fraud, and the medium is being attacked by other psychics. Radar Online reports on Friday that the “Long Island Medium” star is being accused of lying during her readings and getting information about clients before the readings. Caputo has not responded to the latest round of accusations from other psychics.

Caputo’s show on TLC has given her a unique spotlight, but she is facing criticism from multiple sources about her medium abilities. Several psychics accused her of having a big ego that is being inflated by the show and expressed their concern about her methods. Fans have also shared their concerns about fraud on the program, but TLC has not responded.

A former client claims she was questioned before talking to Caputo, and this gave her the opportunity to collect information that could be used in a reading. The unidentified client states that Caputo seemed to care more about the show than helping her. Other fans and mediums have similar accusations, but the reality star is not answering questions.

The “Long Island Medium” star is currently on a national tour and busy promoting her abilities in front of audiences. She has avoided the angry posts that have appeared on social media by focusing on positive messages from satisfied clients and fans. Caputo is not allowing the fraud allegations to stop or slow down her current tour, so she plans to make all of her appearances.

Concerns and questions about Caputo’s abilities have been prevalent from the start of “Long Island Medium,” but she continues to insist her powers are real. Her tour recently added several new events for the summer, so the fraud allegations are not having a great impact on her. TLC has also remained silent while the rumors spread online through social media networks.