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‘Long Island Medium’: Theresa Caputo accused of fake readings

Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

The accusations against Theresa Caputo continue to grow, and a new book wants to expose her fake readings on tour. Radar Online reports on Thursday that the book includes an account from someone who watched Caputo do readings at one of her shows. Kirby Robinson claims the medium has a team of people working to help her gather information from the audience before she takes the stage.

Caputo’s abilities as a medium have been questioned multiple times, and the latest accusations are similar to the past rumors. However, the star of “Long Island Medium” continues to deny reports of fake readings and insists her powers are real. She has no plans to cancel her national tour or cut down on the number of shows.

Robinson claims he saw people ask intrusive questions before Caputo’s show, and they seemed to be collecting information about the deaths of loved ones. He also shares that these people did not seem to participate in the show and disappeared before it started. He believes the medium is using the information during her readings and pretending it has come to her naturally.

Ron Tebo has also looked into the accusations against Caputo and has discovered many unhappy clients. Tebo has noticed similar problems and believes the medium is gathering information about her audience before the shows can start. He believes she is relying on ticket data to give her a chance to evaluate potential reading subjects.

Tebo points out that Caputo is capable of doing background checks on the people featured on “Long Island Medium.” This provides a valuable source of information about their past and allows her to form the right questions. Although the accusations and disappointments are accumulating, Caputo is not stopping her tour. She has more shows planned through the end of the year.