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'Long Island Medium' talking to the dead in Conn.: Theresa Caputo at Mohegan Sun

Theresa Caputo, "Long Island Medium" is at Mohegan Sun in Connecticut this week.
Theresa Caputo, "Long Island Medium" is at Mohegan Sun in Connecticut this week.
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How do you get a reading with the “Long Island Medium?” This is a question that many folks ask only to hear the answer that her waiting list is two years into the future to sit down for a reading with this ball of fire from Long Island.

Is she the real deal? Many say that she is, but it is up to you to decide on whether you believe Theresa is talking to the dead or reading folks around her like a good carnival psychic. The word psychic, is not something that Theresa embraces, she wants to be called a medium.

According to The Wrap on March 8, Theresa Caputo started her fifth season on TLC this week of her reality show “Long Island Medium.” Her popularity has grown in leaps and bounds and she now pulls in a gigantic audience when she does live shows around the country.

One of those live shows is coming to Connecticut at the Mohegan Sun on Saturday March 15. There are still some tickets still left today. This show is billed as:

“Theresa Caputo Live!: The Experience,” which is coming to the Mohegan Sun Arena on Saturday, March 15th at 7:00 p.m. ET.

The tickets aren’t cheap, but you have an option of seats and the prices are:
$99.75, $79.75, $59.75 and $39.75.

You can purchase your tickets here on the Mohegan Sun events website.

Theresa started season 5 with her same jaw-dropping accuracy when reading people’s loved ones. The dead people appear with a message for a friend or family member and it's Theresa job to deliver it. She has changed even the hard core skeptic into a believer in the past.

This is a typical Long Island housewife with an amazing gift and to watch Theresa combine the two is entertainment at its best. When fans first met Theresa, she had her husband and two teens to care for at home. Today the kids have grown and moved on to new chapters of their lives, so the “Long Island Medium” and her husband are dealing with the empty nest syndrome.

Is she the real deal? All you need to do is watch one episode to decide for yourself.

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