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'Long Island Medium' season finale ends with a focus on moms and dads

Theresa Caputo visited New Orleans for the season finale of "The Long Island Medium."
Theresa Caputo visited New Orleans for the season finale of "The Long Island Medium."
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The season finale of "Long Island Medium” that aired Sunday night focused on moms and dads, and ended as it began, with another Tweet to Win a Reading Contest. Once again Theresa Caputo checked in live in between segments to notify lucky fans if they’ve won a reading with the "Long Island Medium.”

Natasha and Antonia, winners of the TLC Party with Theresa Sweepstakes, joined the "Long Island Medium” for season finale by the water on Long Island. Theresa Caputo hit the road to New Orleans and read Achiely first. Achiely’s cousin Louise set up the surprise, and in typical Long Island fashion the initial greeting was loud. The "Long Island Medium" helped Achiely’s mother validate her presence and in doing so lifted “50 pounds” off of the tearful Louisiana native.

After a departed father lured Theresa to his daughter on the streets of New Orleans, Caputo did a group reading for Liz and friends in St. Bernard Parish. Another mom came through for Lindsey and Dave, the emotional skeptic, heard a message from his father.

As the "Long Island Medium” took a swamp boat tour surrounded by alligators, a headache overtook Theresa Caputo with another mother, which made the daughter, Leeann, a believer after she heard from her mom. A young girl then stopped to say hello as Theresa and Larry ate a Benya, traditional New Orleans' fare, or a zeppole on Long Island, and the father of 15-year-old Sarina apologized for his suicide via the "Long Island Medium."

Denice then surprised her sister Dayna with a reading in a fashion boutique to ease her pain after loosing her son seven years earlier at the age of 15. Later, Larry and Theresa stopped to eat a po’boy, and had to correct the waitress in her pronunciation of mortadella, not unusual for New Yorkers to do when in the South. The waitress was reduced to tears after her deceased mother validated her love for her daughter through Caputo.

Theresa Caputo continued to give away readings on Twitter one hour after the season finale ended. Although skeptics cannot accept the other realm, which the "Long Island Medium” connects with, it is difficult to contradict the peace and closure experienced by all those who made contact with lost loved ones, in this instance, moms, dads and a son, that was at the very least powerful and emotional.

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