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Long Island lawyer haggles over custody of the dogs

Leslie Barbara
Leslie Barbara
keith Lopez

There in fact are occasions when I am asked about custody and visitiation of family pets. This is one item I absolutely refuse to deal with in a separation agreement or divorce. While I understand the deep feelings individuals have toward pets, the court will not enforce these orders nor will they pass judgment regarding them. It is therefore my policy not to deal with pets.

Today's news brings us another example of how certain attorneys love to get their name in the paper even when it involves their own lives. While most of us are loath to think our own divorce messes would end up as Newsday fodder, the Barbara's of Nassau County fame feel their own disputes are so noteworthy they have press conferences to announce settlements.  Acting like siblings stuck on a long car ride, a judge had to admonish the parties to "stop staring" at one another!.  See article here.

If you are interested...he got the dogs, she got visitation...end of story....maybe