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'Long, domestic cold war' under way in US

Americans are armed to the hilt and have no intention of allowing politicians to take their firearms.
Americans are armed to the hilt and have no intention of allowing politicians to take their firearms.
Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

In what one liberty activist described as a "long, domestic cold war," and others have referred to as "the stealth war," the U.S. appears to be embroiled in a dispute of clashing ideological realities. So deep is the divide that besets America that many political observers have noted that historically there has been nothing like it since the Civil War in the 1860s.

This war, however, has nothing whatsoever to do with slavery, race, prejudice, or discrimination. Rather, the issue is quite simple -- liberty vs. tyranny, individual freedom vs. government oppression, Constitutional law vs. the whims of an elitist political ruling class, free market capitalism vs. Marxism/socialism, and personal sovereignty vs. collectivism.

In addition, this war is being fought in an entirely different manner than past wars. This is called "Fourth Generation Warfare" that focuses on outsmarting the enemy rather than killing him. In fact, patriots who are involved in the fight to preserve liberty are not interested in killing anyone, particularly not innocent civilians. The objective, rather, is to gain the upper hand using the all of the tools of one's intellect.

This means we outsmart the enemy and beat him at his own game. Mike Vanderboegh put it best when he stated in a speech last year that the components of Fourth Generation Warfare are defy, resist, evade, smuggle. I later added nonviolent sabotage as another component.

Someone may be reading this wondering when the war is going to start and when will these components of Fourth Generation Warfare be implemented. In all likelihood they have already been implemented right under your nose. And the war has been ongoing for quite some time.

Examples abound. For instance, owners of so-called "assault weapons" in Connecticut are defying and resisting the new state laws that require them to register such weapons with the state and also to register high capacity magazines. When the deadline for registration had passed, the state reported that out of 360,000 owners of assault weapons in the state only about 50,000 had registered those weapons.

That means, interestingly enough, that in a deeply blue, anti-gun state like Connecticut, 300,000 citizens are engaging in civil disobedience, defying the law and resisting the effort to criminalize them by a simple change of definitions in the law.

It is a certainty that citizens are doing this in other states as well, such as New York, Maryland, New Jersey, Massachusetts, California, and Colorado.

It is also a certainly that nonviolent sabotage has been implemented in several national incidents, but news organizations are so clueless about the facts that they have totally missed the connection.

The next phase of this stealth war is ready to be implemented, and in some areas it already has. Vanderboegh reports that he has received enough donations from patriots to begin sending more high capacity magazines to high profile anti-gun politicians, journalists, and others. Vanderboegh calls this program "Toys for Totalitarians," the first phase of which was implemented prior to Christmas, and prompting the state police in one commonwealth to send word to Vanderboegh via his local county sheriff that he was needed for questioning.

But Vanderboegh broke no laws. The magazines contained no ammunition, and most were old models used decades ago. What law, exactly, would address such an issue? Where is it found in any statute that a citizen is prevented from sending a disarmed magazine to a politician in the mail?

The point, however, is that patriots have no intention of backing down, retreating, or giving up. This is a fight for all that America has stood for in its 238 year history. We have no intention of allowing our rich history of individual liberty to be trounced and obliterated by dangerous subversives who have infiltrated the government and share the disdain for America that is shown by the likes of Barack Obama.


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