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Long Distance Relationships

Officers with the California Highway Patrol divert traffic from the southbound Interstate
Officers with the California Highway Patrol divert traffic from the southbound Interstate
AP Photo/The Orange County Register, Ken Steinhardt

Relationships are hard enough but add a complication like distance and they are an entirely different ball game. Same rules apply honesty, commitment and loyalty. However these qualities have to already be mastered in order for the relationship to have a chance of lasting. It goes without saying that trust is the key to making something like this work. Without it there truly is no hope so don’t waste your time. The pursuit of love is always worth the struggle but the journey is the hardest part and the destination is your reward. There are some things to take into account when considering such a daunting task.

Are you capable of being completely honest with your partner? Are you being completely honest with yourself? Is this really what you want? Because you are going to have to work incredibly hard for it and it should be worth it. Do you believe that you can trust your partner wholeheartedly and without question? Honesty when utilized in a relationship is like the ground the foundation stands on. Without it, the relationship will sink into the depths of the Earth where all failed relationships are put to rest.

Where are you and your partner on the subject of commitment? Are you both on the same page? Is it an open relationship where you all can and will date other people or are you wanting to focus only on each other? Commitment to making the relationship work is the foundation the relationship is built on.

Loyalty is something a lot of people forget about it seems. But it is the bricks in which the relationship is made out of. It is what holds everything together. With loyalty there is nothing you can’t do. But what does loyalty really mean? The best way to define loyalty in this situation would be, the honest commitment to the success of your relationship. See without honesty and commitment there is no loyalty. But if your relationship is not working being loyal means that you have tried everything in your power to sustain it and knowing when to let it go. If making your relationship work is indeed a priority, you shouldn’t abandon the situation until you are absolutely sure you’ve done your best at being honestly committed.

Honesty, commitment and loyalty are just as important to have in your relationship with yourself. You have to be committed to your own happiness before you can be happy with someone else.

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