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Long-distance dating made easy (Part 2)

Long-distance dating can be exciting and rewarding with activities like cooking romantic dinners together via webcam to watching online movies to writing a love journal; couples should embrace creativity to bridge the gap.
Long-distance dating can be exciting and rewarding with activities like cooking romantic dinners together via webcam to watching online movies to writing a love journal; couples should embrace creativity to bridge the gap.
by P.K. Costa

Long-distance relationships can sometimes feel a bit strained between the travel and calendar-syncing, however, if couples share the miles and maintain creativity and spontaneity, they can spend more time on things that matter. So whether you're brand new or comfortably into a long-distance relationship, or maybe just looking for ideas for when your significant other is traveling, this is the perfect list for any couple. Most of these ideas do require a webcam and suggested simple, easy-to-use programs such as Skype or Google Hangouts to help to ensure a safe experience. If you are unfamiliar with the technical side of computers, seek the assistance of a tech-savvy friend so you can get hooked up to enjoy a whole new virtual life beyond that already fascinating Internet screen before you.

Long-distance ideas to help couples bridge the gap in long-distant relationships

Watching music videos – Watch music videos on television while on the phone together, or while on your webcam rate which new music videos are hottest. Check out the latest P!NK or Matchbox Twenty music videos, or see what's coolio from your favorite official music site. If movies are more your thing, rate the latest at IMDb. This is great also as you can help create your music or movie list for your next visit.

Make an online treasure hunt – Map out your last visit together, or one for your next visit. Make your hunt as short or as long as you’d like, with virtual rewards after each clue. You decide who picks the rewards or how this game ends.

Geocache Hide and Seek – For those a little more creative, you can always play Geocaching, an online GPS "hide and seek" game using GPS caching to do treasure hunts using a Smartphone playing with others, search for geocachs, or play hide and seek.

Take an online class togetherOnline learning that is totally free, and that can be done together; how cool is that? There are a variety of classes out there that just might surprise you.

GEO Greeting – Send your love a GEO Greeting. Send random greetings for places you’ve been or would like to go, send with clues, such as “remember this spot where we first did (fill in the blank)?”

Clean the house together – Remember all those times you’d joke about cleaning in your lingerie or him in his boxer shorts? Well, now’s the time for your private debut. Keep it clean, they don't call it the World Wide Web for nothing, you know.

Exercise together – This can be fun no matter what you like to do, be it jogging, the treadmill or working out at the gym – you can always meet back on the webcam all sweaty or after a hot shower with a cup of tea in hand. Get creative – the point is that you have a virtual workout buddy and can meet goals in a virtual way.

Plan your vacation togetherGoogle Maps is a fun application to plan a virtual vacation, get creative or what the heck, why not plan a real one, too? This alleviates the stress for real vacation planning as well; imagine the time saved for asking for directions?

Shopping together – Do you have to plan for an upcoming birthday or anniversary? Google Hangouts is awesome as you can multi-task, such as shop and listen to music and chat, etc.

Be a stimulating model – For a fun spin on webcamming. Next time you webcam together, try on those cute boxers or lingerie, maybe do a few poses and let your sweetie be the photographer. The online camera allows for full screen shots and then they have a photo of you to glance at when they miss you most. There is another fun spin on this by adding a pre-shopping spree item sent to your sweetie ahead of time; the fun being in who knows if it will fit, or if it will be a fun or sexy gift? Get creative and explore new things together.

There are truly endless ideas for couples in long-distance relationships. The main idea is to keep it exciting but safe and comfortable, honest, real and supportive while maintaining open lines of communication – and of course to be engaging enough so that both put forth efforts to keep the relationship sizzling and stimulating. Distance merely translates to the expansion of creativity to bridge the gaps, not by any means to be meant as an opportunity to add space between the miles – remember, it’s all in how one perceives. And keep in mind that true love has always brought people closer together because of the passion that grows with the love.

As always, good luck in your dating ventures, be safe, don’t take life too seriously and for goodness sakes have some fun.

“Distance means so little when someone means so much.” –Unknown

“Missing someone gets easier every day because even though you are one day further from the last time you saw them, you are one day closer to the next time you will.” –Unknown

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