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Long-distance dating made easy (Part 1)

Chess with your long-distance partner via webcam is just one of the many ways to keep things fun and stimulating.
Chess with your long-distance partner via webcam is just one of the many ways to keep things fun and stimulating.
by P.K. Costa

Long-distance relationships can sometimes be difficult, especially if there are hundreds of miles between – but that doesn’t mean the relationship has to suffer or that couples miss out on the excitement and fun normally found when together physically. Below is a list (most submitted by Examiner readers), containing various ways partners can do things together – most via webcam – without stunting growth be it individually or with the passion in the relationship, while getting to know each other and building long-lasting memories.

Long-distance ideas to help couples bridge the gap in long-distant relationships

Note: The following require a computer and webcam. For those unfamiliar with webcams, please be sure to first check that your laptop computer isn’t already equipped with one (any geek-friend or child can assist); if not, please seek advice, purchase instructions on use and setup from a computer geek or specialist, or from your favorite local electronic store. Those that are feeling lucky and brave can try to seek instructions on the Internet by typing in what they are seeking, such as, "how do I locate my webcam on my laptop." (Desktops usually have to have a webcam installed.) Once your webcam is installed, you can Skype, or if you haven’t yet tried Google Hangouts it’s an exciting new program that allows for multi-tasking while webcamming.

Plan a date night/movie night – Rent the same movie on Netflix or YouTube Movies. Prepare your snacks together before starting the movie, such as making microwave popcorn and/or gathering all of your snacks and drinks (don't forget to plan intermission); and then when comfy start the movie at the same time. To enhance the evening, get creative with a theme night; or dress nicely, do your hair (women do makeup), etc. as the appreciation will have its rewards.

Play a board game of chess – This is one of the sexiest games there is, and it could take hours, days or weeks to complete – as any real chess player knows a game could take a while at one move per day. If you’re new to chess, learning can be just as fun. There’s always oher board games to play such as checkers or backgammon, or even cards.

Make and have a romantic dinner together – Plan meals together, from the shopping list to the actual grocery shopping (some even like to shop with each other while on their cell phone, just be courteous in public), to cooking dinner together via webcam. Or, for those busy days, purchase a pizza ahead of time and plan a set time for your date so you can start your date with cooking pizza together. When your date starts, connect via the webcam, and together while pizzas warm you can converse about your day and week, spend time together, eat and interact almost as if you would when together. You can also make pasta, coffee, ice cream sundaes or root beer floats; the possibilities are endless.

Read each other's books together – Start with a list of books you think you’ll both enjoy. Each reads a different book to start. As you read, you and your sweetie will each scribble notes in the margins (especially if they relate to your sweetie), indicating parts that are meaningful to you as well (use sticky or Post-it notes, underline or highlight). When you're both done reading, exchange books and read each other’s books – only it will be a lot more fun as you’ll get to see notes from the peanut gallery (your sweetie). It’s the next best thing to having it read to you, which is another idea by the way – reading chapters to each other over the phone every night.

Make a project together – This can include woodworking, photography, etc. – get creative. Maybe he’s good with his hands and wood and can make a storage box for all of these keepsakes; or maybe you’re good with crafts and can make a “manly” keepsake box for all of the letters and photographs. The ideas are endless.

Watch the stars together – Why not watch the stars together at Google Sky, learn about the earth at Google Earth or why not see what NASA has been up to? Nothing is sexier than endless knowledge and exploring a galaxy beyond.

Make a journal together– This involves sending a journal back and forth, but laced with old-fashioned romance that just doesn’t exist in the world today. Each writes something in the journal for a week – you know, during those few moments between two and four in the morning when not spent talking, texting or emailing each other. This makes a great memoir.

Stay tuned for Long-distance dating made easy (Part 2)

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.” –Helen Keller

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