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Long Beach Massage Therapist arrested after death in beauty salon

Gonzalez is under arrest in Long Beach after death of client.
Gonzalez is under arrest in Long Beach after death of client.

A woman lost her life after coming in for a massage, but may have also received a face lift called "vampire" facelift that a massage therapist promoted. Along with the non-surgical facelifts she also promoted butt and lip augmentation procedures. The licensed massage therapist, Sandra Perez Gonzalez of Long Beach was arrested and remains in jail, on $10,000 bail Thursday night. She is under investigation by homicide detectives. (See video of news report at link below).

The client, Hamilet Suarez, 36, of Long Beach, went into cardiac arrest at the Areli's Beauty Salon and died according to Long Beach police. NBC4 news reported she leaves behind a 5-year-old child.

Gonzalez was renting a treatment room at the salon where she advertised that she performed massages, along with vampire (non-surgical) facelifts, and lip and butt augmentations, according to police.

The Vampire facelifts are similar to botox. Plasma from your own blood is taken then injected into your face. Kim Kardashian is known to have received this type of treatment. She posted a picture of herself on her Instagram while receiving the treatment. As a licensed massage therapist Gonzalez was going beyond her scope of practice. She was not licensed to administer this type of medical procedure, administering substances for medical treatments.

Homicide detectives are investigating the case and Los Angeles County coroner's office is investigating the cause of death, according to police.

It is important to do research and make sure the individual is licensed to give the type of treatments they promote for your safety.

See the video news report at this link:

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