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Long awaited transgender documentary TransJourney to premier tonight

RHODE ISLAND - The long awaited and much anticipated new transgender documentary film from Shifting Visions Films, TransJourney, will finally be making it’s world premier tonight at the Rhode Island International Film Festival in Providence, Rhode Island.

Transgender documentary, TransJourney, to premier tonight
courtesy of Shifting Visions Productions

Produced and Co-Directed by Dr. Alexia Kosmider, TransJourney is a film about gender confirmation and acceptance. Similar to going on a journey to explore an unknown territory, TransJourney explores three women’s personal journeys and compelling stories about life, family, love and how their lives have become intertwined, and made stronger, because of each other.

Four years prior, Annabelle, who was identified as a male at birth, came out to her family and friends as female and began her transition towards life as a woman by undergoing gender confirmation surgery. TransJourney centers around Annabelle, her mom, Sandra, and Shannon, an older transgender woman and surrogate “aunt” to Annabelle. The documentary follows Sandra as she embarks on a cross-country road trip to visit her daughter, meet Shannon, and to bring herself a little closer to understanding the transgender world that they live in. The film also delves into how Sandra copes with this life-altering event and how she strives to remain an integral part of her daughter's new world, 3,000 miles away.

TransJourney speaks to all of our desires to receive affirmation and to explore new borders whether it’s with existing family members or with new acquaintances whom we embrace in our life. Kosmider believes that the documentary will enable all individuals to see themselves and others differently, and will inspire many not to be afraid to be themselves, whatever they choose to be. The transgender world remains mostly invisible to larger society and even to some members of the LGBT community. TransJourney voices transgender people’s hopes, desires and, fears, while looking deeply into their worlds, demystifying their lives, and more importantly, bringing dignity to their experiences.

TransJourney will be screened tonight at the Rhode Island International Film Festival at 7:00 p.m. at the Metcalf Auditorium. The Metcalf Auditorium is located at the Rhode Island School of Design Museum in Providence, Rhode Island at 20 North Main Street.

* Portions of this article, including the description of the documentary film, were taken from the Official Shifting Visions Films website, as well as the Official TransJourney facebook page.

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